Tips For Outdoor Pots

porch potsIn order to make sure your potted plants look good with the rest of your yard and existing plants, or to create a beautiful arrangement from scratch here are tips and things to keep in mind as your preparing to use potted plants outside of your home:

1. Keep colors in mind. Choose a color scheme that matches the plants and flowers that are already planted in your yard so that it all blends in together.

2. Choose a pot size that matches your porch. If you have a small porch and use larger pots, it won’t look right and will take up too much space. The same goes for the opposite situation, if you use small pots on a big porch it just looks out of place.

3. Make your potted plants and porch unique. Try something new. Rather than just using the simple pot to decorate your outdoor space, try furnishing your porch with a tiered look of different style and height vases and pots.

4. Use flowers that will add height to your design. Pick bigger plants that will flourish and add color and style to your porch.

5. Always water the roots and only when it is necessary. Watering your plants too much will kill them. Using pots with drain holes and watering them until you see the water come out the bottom is a good way to know when to stop watering and is also perfect to empty out the extra water and prevent over-watering.

Now that you’ve be informed of all the necessities in planning your porch pot arrangement, you are ready to create a beautiful design on your porch!




Making Kitchen Counter Clutter Disappear

cluttered counter














Do you ever feel like there’s just too much stuff on your counter? Even if it’s not messy, counters can get cluttered very easily with all of the items you use throughout the day, especially in the kitchen. Here is one simple tip to keep your kitchen counter organized and clutter free, while still being able to display the necessities for easy access:

The key is to use the wall as storage instead of cabinets, drawers or boxes. You can use this method for kitchen supplies and ingredients as well as miscellaneous items. Hang metal baskets or caddies/buckets along your wall to store items in the open, but out of the way. They can be hung by hooks attached to a metal rod or bar that runs along the wall and compliments the style and color of the baskets (as pictured below).

Items such as these can be purchased at IKEA as well as other furniture or appliance stores. You can also make them yourself! The baskets don’t have to be metal, you can use woven baskets that can be purchased at a low price, as well as a rod of your choice, and hang them up by your own hooks or even ribbon. You can also mount baskets right to the wall, without the use of a rod. There’s so much to do with this clever idea that will get rid of your clutter and look great in your kitchen!




Flavors of Philly Food Tour















Experience Philadelphia’s most popular food, while strolling around a city full of culture and history. Flavors of Philly is a fun and casual tour that will take you to the best local eateries along with sightseeing, history and architecture highlights. The food locations of course includes cheese steaks along with other Philadelphia favorites such as soft pretzels, tomato pie and more. Everything is included and your guide is also your server, so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself touring Philly and eating delicious food.

It’s offered Monday through Saturday from 1:30 pm to 4 pm and Sundays from 11:30 am to 2 pm. It costs $39 per adult and $33 per child ages 10-14. It includes enough food for lunch and is perfect for visitors or locals entertaining family or friends.

Click here for the specific details on this exciting Philadelphia food tour and schedule a time to go! Don’t miss out on a great time with amazing food and beautiful sights!




Creative Uses For Wallpaper

creative uses for wall paper

Wallpaper is used to add a little more style and decoration to a room rather than using a plain color. But what most people might not realize is that there is more ways to maximize wallpaper than only using it to cover your dining room walls. Here are ways to transform wallpaper into creative accents for any room:

1. First things first, add wallpaper to some rooms if you don’t have any. Certain rooms look exceptionally better with wallpaper instead of paint such as bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, etc. It adds personal style as well as variety to your home. The best thing is, not all wallpapers have to be busy designs and textures. You can keep it simple with subtle patterns and colors or you can get a little more complex with it.

2. Display spaces are a not so obvious place to put a little bit of wall paper. A pretty patterned metallic wallpaper is the perfect background for a shiny display area. Placing items such as books, candle holders, vases and frames on a bookshelf in front of wallpaper of your choice is a great way to make the display pop. This tip can be used for other display areas such as bathroom and kitchen cabinets or shelves.

3. Add some style to a fireplace with just a few feet of wallpaper. Using a color and pattern that matches the rest of your walls can be displayed in the empty space above your fireplace to make it the focal point of the room.

4. Frame wallpaper. Although it’s more traditional, you don’t have to cover an entire wall with paper in order to use it. Play around with shapes and patterns to create your own art display in any room. A simple way to do this is by cutting out 12 different squares of four different patterns that compliment the rest of the room and hanging them in a rectangle shape. You can also get more creative with the shape of the wallpaper you cut out and where you hang them.

5. Add flair to something as simple as a coffee table with a piece of decorative wallpaper. Just place the piece of wallpaper directly on top of the table and use a top sheet of glass for the surface of the table. It can be changed at any time and you have a unique coffee table in minutes!

6. Create a feature wall by hanging your favorite wallpaper on a single wall in your room to make it the focal point. You can still use a fun pattern without overwhelming the room, and paint the rest of the room a complementary color so that it all comes together beautifully.

There is so much to do with wallpaper to make your home unique and personalized! Simple wallpaper projects can lead to a stylish room in any part of your home.



Indego Bike Riding in Philadelphia


indego bike rental

Philadelphia’s bike riding program that was launched last spring, Indego, allows the city to continue to be one of the most friendly bike riding cities in the country. The program offers bike rentals from 70 stations located all throughout Philadelphia such as on the Delaware River, the Schuylkill River, into West Philadelphia, South Philadelphia and North Philadelphia as well as Temple University’s main campus.

Rent a bike for just $4 per half hour, any time, any day of the week. The rental process is fast, easy and convenient since you can walk up to any station, rent a bike on your credit card and return it to the nearest station when you’re finished.

If you love the system and want to ride more often, two memberships are offered. The first one is called Indego30 and allows members to pay $15 a month and get the first hour of each trip free as well as pay only $4 an hour for trips lasting longer than an hour. There is also a cash option with this membership. The second one, called IndegoFlex is $10 a year with a rate of $4 an hour.

The Indego bike riding program is a great way to explore the city, especially with warmer weather approaching! It’s easily accessible from the Siena Place community, so bring your family and friends to the nearest rental station and in minutes you can be cruising around Philadelphia.




Small Yard Landscaping Ideas



There’s plenty of opportunity for beautiful landscaping in a small front yard and with warmer weather being right around the corner, it’s time to get some ideas flowing! No matter the size of your yard, there’s always room to add touches that will spruce up your outdoor space and make it stand out. Here are some tips to make your small front yard look its best:

1. The most important tip is to make it personal. You want your home, even the outside, to reflect your own personal style. This will not only love the look of your front yard more but it will also be more inviting to neighbors. When you choose complementary plants and designs, match it to the style of your home the best you can so that your small front yard represents it, whether its traditional or contemporary.

2. Size it right. Since you’re working with a smaller yard, it’s important to size and proportion everything correctly in order for it to look great! For example, if plants or trees are too tall, it can overwhelm the outside of your home. Also, if you put too much in one area, it will look messy and cluttered.

3. Go bold. With flowers, you can never have too many colors in your yard. For walkways or even stairs leading to the front door can be lined with bright, colorful flowers. For stairs, you could use a couple flower pots with different types of flowers to put on either end of steps.

4. Grass is not a must have. Small yards can be beautiful if they’re taken care of properly. With this in mind, don’t feel the need to have grass in your lawn. You can replace it with pea gravel or pebbles for an easy ground cover and line the ground with weed resistant mesh beforehand. If you do want grass in your yard, make sure you maintain it!


All of these small yard tips are great to keep in mind for the homes at the Siena Place community. You can make your front yard pop in one of these beautiful, luxury townhouses in Philadelphia!




Homemade Decor Making Daily Life Easier


You’d be surprised how many DIY (Do It Yourself) projects there are out there that will not only make your home look great without spending a lot of money, but will also make your life easier. Here are some examples of genius stylish ideas to help you stay on top things:

1. Hang books. A clever idea for thin story and coloring books for kids is to hang them on the wall with a hanging holder made of felt, wood and string. It will take up less space than it would in bins or drawers, it’s easy to access, you can roll it up for easy storage and it’s a fun idea!

2. A stylish key holder makes a good decoration and you will never forget your keys again. Get a piece of wood of any shape or size, paint it different colors to stand out and attach hooks to it. Hang it up by the door and you have a fun, functional piece of artwork.

3. Hang your phone, or any other item for that matter. If your charging area is a mess, this can help organize it. Pin or nail a pretty coozy to the wall to hold your phone while it charges. This way, your phone has a spot so it won’t get misplaced and so it’s not in the way. This same idea can be used for remotes and other electronics too!

4. Slide laundry baskets. Leaving laundry baskets all over the house in different rooms is a hassle and not to mention an eye sore if they’re out in the open. Use a stack of shelves and plastic laundry bins to be able to slide them in and out when needed. They can be left there all the time or for storage in between washes, you decide!

5. Color your keys. There are different patterns and colors to choose from to seal onto your keys to tell the difference from the back door to the front door, or you can just simply paint them yourself. It will keep your organized and it actually looks nice.

6. This is much less of a decorating tip, but very useful. Hang your cleaning supplies. Shower caddies can have more than one use, including storing cleaning items. Hanging makes it easier to see what supplies are where and you won’t be scrambling in the cabinet underneath the sink to get what you need.

7. For anyone who has a lot of hair and makeup items, make a rolling vanity. Buy a rolling shelf cart and organize your things in anyway you want, from hair straighteners to eye shadow to nail polish. Utensil trays can be extremely useful for smaller items on your vanity.




Best Italian Restaurants In Philadelphia

Delightful chicken and spinach ravioli with capsicum, olive and tomato sauce.



For those who want to get a taste of Italy without the travel time, there are great Italian restaurants right in Philadelphia. Italian culture and food is shown all throughout Philadelphia from neighborhood markets to street corner stores to high quality dining spots. On a quest to find the most delicious, authentic Italian food around, these places were seen as the best Italian restaurants in Philadelphia:

1. Bona Cucina is a small, but amazing, BYOB that includes unique Italian dishes that you would find in a busy Italian area. Each dish, made to perfection, will meet your expectations. A highly recommended dish is spinach raviolis with a side of meatballs. Address: 66 Sherbrooke Boulevard, Upper Darby, 610-623-8811.

2. Hostaria Da Elio is a restaurant with an extremely friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Popular for large groups, Hostaria Da Elio is very afforable and has a backyard patio for when the weather is nice. Address: 615 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, 215-925-0930.

3. Davio’s style is Italian-American cuisine serving anything from cheese steak rolls to lobster tails to hand rolled gnocchi. A must try here is the lobster ravioli with fennel, tomato and sherry cream. If you visit Davio’s, you will most certainly get a wide variety of food options along with homemade Italian food. Address: 111 South 17th Street, Philadelphia, 215-563-4810.

4. Another place known for its handmade meals is Ulivo. The menu is ever changing and the pasta is always fresh, both big attractions for customers that come to Ulivo. Try like the slow-roasted pork with polenta. Address: 521 Catherine Street, Philadelphia, 215-351-1550.

5. Popular for its amazing pizza, Marrone’s is another one of the best Italian restaurants in Philadelphia. The staff loves to please and will accommodate for whatever request you may have. Dig into the triple cheese upside down pizza at 2744 County Line Road, Ardmore, 610-642-9567.




Helpful Home Organizing Tips

organizing tips















If you’re not on top of your organization, clutter can get out of hand. Keeping small organization tips in mind can keep you on top of your organization and make your daily life easier. Here are important steps in getting and staying organized that a lot of people may overlook:

1. Coat storage by the door can make a huge difference. Hanging it up right when you come in will keep you from losing it and it will also keep you from forgetting it upstairs in your closet on your way out. Coat racks, hooks and pegs can all help keep your coats in their place.

2. Everyone is always losing their keys. So why not make a place for them? There are a number of ways to store your keys to prevent losing them such as individual hooks and key hangers are the most effective in organization, or a basket or bowl will do. This should also be kept by the door for easy access.

3. Cords can get out of control if there are too many in one spot. Cord organizers will solve this problem. There are flexible and rigid cord organizers. Flexible organizers keep cords concealed so that you can run a bunch of cords where they need to go and rigid organizers that contain all cords in one outer shell.

4. Many may forget about under the bed storage, which can be very useful if done properly. In order to execute proper bed storage, you need to make sure it’s organized in bins first, not just thrown under it. Beds provide great long term storage for anything you don’t necessarily need access to everyday. This could be winter clothes in the summer (and vise versa), backup pillows and comforters, old papers, etc.

5. It’s not hard for dresser tops to get messy. Most people have a lot on there to begin with, so if things are put back in their proper place, it can get ugly. Try to keep only the essentials on your dresser. Makeup is necessary if you use it by your dresser mirror, otherwise keep it where it is used such as in the bathroom. Jewelry is also a common item for a dresser top, which can be stored in multiple ways including boxes, hangers or displays you can buy. Every item should have its spot to keep the surface organized.


Biggest Events Coming to Philadelphia
















Tons of people visit Philadelphia every year for festivals, art shows, museums, sporting events and more! To plan your next visit to Philadelphia and for the residents looking for things to do, here are the biggest events of the city coming up for this entire month:

1. This weekend, March 5th to the 13th, The annual Philadelphia Flower Show will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It’s the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show, showing flowers of all kinds and colors, along with entertainment, gardens and floral displays.

2. Starting on March 12th and continuing until September 5th, The Franklin Institute is hosting an exhibit about the Pixar process and the science and technology behind it! This exhibit goes deep into the making of Pixar for a truly unique and educational experience.

3. March Madness returns to Philadelphia on March 25th and 27th. The 2016 men’s basketball tournament’s East Regional rounds will be held at the Wells Fargo Center on both days. This will be the first time it has been held in Philadelphia since 2001!


Be sure to check out the biggest events in Philadelphia this month, all located by Judd Builders’ community, Siena Place. There are more big events coming in the next few months this year that you won’t want to miss!