Easy Kitchen Storage Ideas


Kitchens are a busy area in the house and can be hard to keep organized with all the food and supplies you store there! Here are some easy kitchen storage ideas to get the best use out of your space:

  1. Use magazine files to keep water bottles in a reachable place without them getting caught up in other kitchen supplies in a drawer or cabinet. Stack one on top of the other in the hard cover files for grab and go accessibility.
  2. Baskets can help organize anything from fruit to utensils to cleaning supplies. Hang  baskets above a sink using a metal rod or adhesive hooks for easy access. Wired baskets allow you to see what your grabbing so you don’t have to dig through everything to get what you need, or remember which items are in which basket.
  3. Store lose Tupperware lids in a wall file to avoid a mess of plastic containers. Hang the wall file on the inside of a cabinet wall, or wherever you feel it can be reached easily, with hooks to separate the lids from the bases and have less trouble finding it all in the future.
  4. Create a pot rack with S hooks. They can be hung from the wall, a ventilation hood above the stove, if you have one, or there are racks you can buy. With this, you can display your cooking pieces in style and they are much easier to find and grab then if they were all in a drawer together.
  5. Organize your cleaning supplies with an over the door metal caddy. A good place for this is the cabinet door below your sink, where they will be ready to use and very easy to access. You can use it to hold bottles of suppers, sponges, gloves, scrubbers, etc.

There are tons of innovative and easy ways to make your kitchen run smoothly. Don’t ever be unorganized again and use this simple tips for all of your kitchen storage!


Decorating Your New Home For The Holidays
















Decorations are an essential part of getting in the holiday spirit! Here are some small tips to get creative with in order to make your new home look extra festive for this winter holiday season with little time and effort:

  1. Use any extra ornaments for an ornament display. Place sparkling and colorful ornaments on a cake stand around with leaves for a beautifully simple centerpiece or table decoration.
  2. Greenery will surely add a festive touch in your home, whether its along a staircase or even around a doorway. This will create a very inviting atmosphere in your home. The same thing can be done with lights!
  3. Decorate a small artificial white tree with holiday items. Candy canes, bows and mints will make a stunning display on any table.
  4. A festive chandelier-like decoration can be made from clustering ornaments, tying different colored bows on them and hanging them from the ceiling or door frame.
  5. With a simple touch of spray paint, a frosting look can be added to a wreath to transform it into a winter decoration. Put on gold or any other holiday colored leaves to add a pop of color.
  6. Filling a snifter with different kinds of shiny silver bells will add some sparkle to your dining room table.


Decorating Ideas

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.06.43 PMDecorating a room or home can be both exciting and overwhelming. In order to make your house look the way you want it with less stress, there are a few tips on how to begin your decorating process:

  1. Find your style. This may seem like a fairly obvious first step to decorating, but some people don’t exactly know what they want their overall look to be. Researching different styles can help find one that you like and you can start picking out furniture and artwork that is either formal or casual, french country style or cottage style; whatever fits your taste.
  2. Choose a Fabric With Colors You Like. Possibly the most common way of beginning a decorating project is to select a fabric with colors, a pattern, and texture you like. You can then use the colors in the fabric to pick colors you’ll use on the walls, on other pieces of furniture, and in accessories you choose afterwards.
  3. Start With an Area Rug. The reverse of finding furniture fabrics you like is to find a patterned rug first and then keep your other elements simple. But if you want to use the rug as a starting point, pick colors from the pattern and use them throughout the room on walls, fabrics, furniture, and accessories.
  4. You can also start with what you have. Most people have some furniture or art to use or the house has carpeting, tile floors or counter tops, or architectural features that you’re not ready to get rid of that you can go off of.


Tips to Brighten and Lighten Your Home

Window into sunny white european kitchen. Fresh groceries are in bags on the floor and placed on the table.

Brighten up your space for spring with these simple tips.

1. Let The Sun Shine In. Swap those heavy, dark drapes for a light, sheer fabric. If your room gets a lot of sun, opt for light colors that won’t fade. The most recommended lightweight fabrics for panels are cotton, linen, and silk blends because they tend to hang well.

2. Use the Right White Paint OK, so maybe white paint is a no-brainer for perking up gloomy interiors, but picking the right white? Easier said than done. To make sure you’re picking the right shade of white, check out this list of favorite white paint colors chosen by top interior designers.

3. Opt For Open Shelving Open shelves can add depth to a small room, and feel less heavy than dark cabinets. If you’re going to try this look, make sure to edit glassware, decorative accessories, or anything else that will be on display. Baskets can be a great way of adding storage without visual clutter.

4. Add a Mirror Mirrors can visually expand a room and also reflect light, making any space feel bigger and brighter.


Tips For Outdoor Pots

porch potsIn order to make sure your potted plants look good with the rest of your yard and existing plants, or to create a beautiful arrangement from scratch here are tips and things to keep in mind as your preparing to use potted plants outside of your home:

1. Keep colors in mind. Choose a color scheme that matches the plants and flowers that are already planted in your yard so that it all blends in together.

2. Choose a pot size that matches your porch. If you have a small porch and use larger pots, it won’t look right and will take up too much space. The same goes for the opposite situation, if you use small pots on a big porch it just looks out of place.

3. Make your potted plants and porch unique. Try something new. Rather than just using the simple pot to decorate your outdoor space, try furnishing your porch with a tiered look of different style and height vases and pots.

4. Use flowers that will add height to your design. Pick bigger plants that will flourish and add color and style to your porch.

5. Always water the roots and only when it is necessary. Watering your plants too much will kill them. Using pots with drain holes and watering them until you see the water come out the bottom is a good way to know when to stop watering and is also perfect to empty out the extra water and prevent over-watering.

Now that you’ve be informed of all the necessities in planning your porch pot arrangement, you are ready to create a beautiful design on your porch!




Creative Uses For Wallpaper

creative uses for wall paper

Wallpaper is used to add a little more style and decoration to a room rather than using a plain color. But what most people might not realize is that there is more ways to maximize wallpaper than only using it to cover your dining room walls. Here are ways to transform wallpaper into creative accents for any room:

1. First things first, add wallpaper to some rooms if you don’t have any. Certain rooms look exceptionally better with wallpaper instead of paint such as bathrooms, dining rooms, offices, etc. It adds personal style as well as variety to your home. The best thing is, not all wallpapers have to be busy designs and textures. You can keep it simple with subtle patterns and colors or you can get a little more complex with it.

2. Display spaces are a not so obvious place to put a little bit of wall paper. A pretty patterned metallic wallpaper is the perfect background for a shiny display area. Placing items such as books, candle holders, vases and frames on a bookshelf in front of wallpaper of your choice is a great way to make the display pop. This tip can be used for other display areas such as bathroom and kitchen cabinets or shelves.

3. Add some style to a fireplace with just a few feet of wallpaper. Using a color and pattern that matches the rest of your walls can be displayed in the empty space above your fireplace to make it the focal point of the room.

4. Frame wallpaper. Although it’s more traditional, you don’t have to cover an entire wall with paper in order to use it. Play around with shapes and patterns to create your own art display in any room. A simple way to do this is by cutting out 12 different squares of four different patterns that compliment the rest of the room and hanging them in a rectangle shape. You can also get more creative with the shape of the wallpaper you cut out and where you hang them.

5. Add flair to something as simple as a coffee table with a piece of decorative wallpaper. Just place the piece of wallpaper directly on top of the table and use a top sheet of glass for the surface of the table. It can be changed at any time and you have a unique coffee table in minutes!

6. Create a feature wall by hanging your favorite wallpaper on a single wall in your room to make it the focal point. You can still use a fun pattern without overwhelming the room, and paint the rest of the room a complementary color so that it all comes together beautifully.

There is so much to do with wallpaper to make your home unique and personalized! Simple wallpaper projects can lead to a stylish room in any part of your home.



Small Yard Landscaping Ideas



There’s plenty of opportunity for beautiful landscaping in a small front yard and with warmer weather being right around the corner, it’s time to get some ideas flowing! No matter the size of your yard, there’s always room to add touches that will spruce up your outdoor space and make it stand out. Here are some tips to make your small front yard look its best:

1. The most important tip is to make it personal. You want your home, even the outside, to reflect your own personal style. This will not only love the look of your front yard more but it will also be more inviting to neighbors. When you choose complementary plants and designs, match it to the style of your home the best you can so that your small front yard represents it, whether its traditional or contemporary.

2. Size it right. Since you’re working with a smaller yard, it’s important to size and proportion everything correctly in order for it to look great! For example, if plants or trees are too tall, it can overwhelm the outside of your home. Also, if you put too much in one area, it will look messy and cluttered.

3. Go bold. With flowers, you can never have too many colors in your yard. For walkways or even stairs leading to the front door can be lined with bright, colorful flowers. For stairs, you could use a couple flower pots with different types of flowers to put on either end of steps.

4. Grass is not a must have. Small yards can be beautiful if they’re taken care of properly. With this in mind, don’t feel the need to have grass in your lawn. You can replace it with pea gravel or pebbles for an easy ground cover and line the ground with weed resistant mesh beforehand. If you do want grass in your yard, make sure you maintain it!


All of these small yard tips are great to keep in mind for the homes at the Siena Place community. You can make your front yard pop in one of these beautiful, luxury townhouses in Philadelphia!




Homemade Decor Making Daily Life Easier


You’d be surprised how many DIY (Do It Yourself) projects there are out there that will not only make your home look great without spending a lot of money, but will also make your life easier. Here are some examples of genius stylish ideas to help you stay on top things:

1. Hang books. A clever idea for thin story and coloring books for kids is to hang them on the wall with a hanging holder made of felt, wood and string. It will take up less space than it would in bins or drawers, it’s easy to access, you can roll it up for easy storage and it’s a fun idea!

2. A stylish key holder makes a good decoration and you will never forget your keys again. Get a piece of wood of any shape or size, paint it different colors to stand out and attach hooks to it. Hang it up by the door and you have a fun, functional piece of artwork.

3. Hang your phone, or any other item for that matter. If your charging area is a mess, this can help organize it. Pin or nail a pretty coozy to the wall to hold your phone while it charges. This way, your phone has a spot so it won’t get misplaced and so it’s not in the way. This same idea can be used for remotes and other electronics too!

4. Slide laundry baskets. Leaving laundry baskets all over the house in different rooms is a hassle and not to mention an eye sore if they’re out in the open. Use a stack of shelves and plastic laundry bins to be able to slide them in and out when needed. They can be left there all the time or for storage in between washes, you decide!

5. Color your keys. There are different patterns and colors to choose from to seal onto your keys to tell the difference from the back door to the front door, or you can just simply paint them yourself. It will keep your organized and it actually looks nice.

6. This is much less of a decorating tip, but very useful. Hang your cleaning supplies. Shower caddies can have more than one use, including storing cleaning items. Hanging makes it easier to see what supplies are where and you won’t be scrambling in the cabinet underneath the sink to get what you need.

7. For anyone who has a lot of hair and makeup items, make a rolling vanity. Buy a rolling shelf cart and organize your things in anyway you want, from hair straighteners to eye shadow to nail polish. Utensil trays can be extremely useful for smaller items on your vanity.




Dinner Party Tips

Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Evening Drinks Party

Whether you want to plan a party for the holidays, a birthday or just a get together to catch up with friends, it’s important to know the basic steps to party planning for you to stay organized and at least have an idea of where to begin your planning. Here is the guideline to hosting a successful dinner party:

1. Invitations are on the top of the list when it comes to party planning. Not everyone uses invitations with today’s technology, but they’re a great way to set a more formal tone for your dinner party if that’s what you want or simply just to make sure everyone gets the invite and for R.S.V.P purposes. Make sure your guests get their invitations no more than a week before the party so that you can plan accordingly.

2. Table setting can increase the attractiveness of your home as well as the meal itself. Low flowers are great for centerpieces to add a little something extra to the table. Candles, cocktail napkins and striped straws are also good little touches that will make a big difference. Set your table early so that it’s out of the way and if you realize your table isn’t big enough, get a folded table and cover it with a nice table cloth for the night; no one will even notice the difference.

3. Assigned seating isn’t for everyone, but it could help the process of sitting down once the food is ready quicker. It can also help the flow of conversation run smoother if people that have similar interests, or people that already know each other, sit together. Make place cards to go with the setting.

4. Music is an easy way to create a better atmosphere for your party. It prevents awkward silences and is nice background noise, kept at a low level. Create your own mix of music or throw on a radio station, depending on the occasion.

5. Hors d’oeuvres will give something for your guests to nibble on while they wait for the actual meal. A cheese plate, vegetables and bread are all great to place sporadically around the living and dining area to keep people from gathering in one spot.

6. For dinner, make sure you have asked your guests ahead of time if they have any allergies to make sure you don’t run into any problems at the party itself. Also, make the food you are comfortable with. This will make the process quicker and not to mention smoother if you’re making dishes you’ve already made before.

7. When it comes to drinks, wine and one signature cocktail is a good way to keep it simple, along with some choices of soda. If you have a favorite drink or if anyone offers to bring anything, add it to the list and place them in a separate area with glasses and ice as a small drink station for the party.

These are all helpful dinner party tips that a lot of hosts may overlook when planning a party. Keeping them in mind will keep you on track and organized so that your party is enjoyable for all of your guests, and yourself as well.



How To Get The Most Out Of Your Mudroom

mudroom decorating ideas

Mudrooms can be a tricky room to work with, finding the right decorations and spots for all of your belongings for the amount of space you have. Here are some tips to help create a mudroom you’ll use and love, without it being unattractive or too cluttered:

1. A main function of a mudroom is to store items that you need easy access to. This includes coats, shoes, bags, etc. The room also prevents the rest of the house from getting dirty when the weather gets messy. Using bins, or deep draws to store all of these items in a confined space will keep you organized and tidy. Labeling the bins will help remind you where you will find what you’re looking for later.

2. Along with bins or draws, a counter top above them gives you a space to fold laundry or sort mail.

3. Highly consider installing a small sink in your mudroom to clean up messes that are too much for your regular kitchen or bathroom sink. Kitchen and bathroom sinks are typically for washing hands or cooking dinner, so a mudroom sink will allow for some heavy duty cleaning or even wash up before you enter your home.

4. Some people like to have a bench in their mudroom to prompt guests to take off their dirty shoes as soon as they walk in. Add a cushion made from outdoor fabric for comfort along with easy clean up.

5. Cleaning up is much simpler with tile floors. With family members, guests or pets walking in and out all the time, tile floors allow you to mop up any dirt they may drag in during the process.

6. A mudroom is a great place to also put your pets food and water bowls, if you have any. It will keep them out of the way of the rest of the house, but also allow for easy clean up if your pets make a mess.

7. Hooks of all different sizes can be extremely helpful with your organization. Hooks can be used for coats, bags and even smaller ones for car keys so you never lose them. All of these items can be grabbed quickly on your way out and hung up as soon as you walk in.

8. When it comes to decorating, using neutral colors such as green will give your mudroom a more natural feel, while still adding some style to it.