What makes a house a home?

how-to-choose-a-family-petThere’s an old saying “home is where the heart is”. A house is four walls and roof that provide shelter from the elements. A home is a safe haven from all of “life’s little storms”. Above all, home is place where you feel comfort, security, and love.

The people (and pets!) you share it with
Your kids are in the backyard playing fetch with the dog and your husband’s making a sandwich in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the cat’s napping on your keyboard, again. Everyone going about their routines gives your home the unmistakable buzz of life.

The rituals you create
From standing Saturday movie nights complete with popcorn to your annual Independence Day barbeque, the traditions you keep with family and friends create fond memories — and get everyone looking forward to making more.

The smells of good cooking
For many folks, a house isn’t a home until it’s been cooked in. From the wafting aroma of soup to the mouthwatering smells of baking cookies, every meal you stir up in your home is nourishment for both body and soul.

Comfy corners
It may be that reading chair you’ve moved into every place you’ve lived since college, or your memory foam mattress with the plush covers you splurged on. No matter how clean and modern your style, every home needs at least one or two cozy spaces where you curl up and relax.

The memories you make
This is where you were standing when you found out you were pregnant with your first child. Here are the marks on the wall measuring your children’s growth. And it was at this dinner table that you celebrated your last big promotion. Every cocktail party, Christmas Eve, or simple Sunday afternoon leaves its impression, making your house a repository for every experience of a life well lived.

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Tips to Brighten and Lighten Your Home

Window into sunny white european kitchen. Fresh groceries are in bags on the floor and placed on the table.

Brighten up your space for spring with these simple tips.

1. Let The Sun Shine In. Swap those heavy, dark drapes for a light, sheer fabric. If your room gets a lot of sun, opt for light colors that won’t fade. The most recommended lightweight fabrics for panels are cotton, linen, and silk blends because they tend to hang well.

2. Use the Right White Paint OK, so maybe white paint is a no-brainer for perking up gloomy interiors, but picking the right white? Easier said than done. To make sure you’re picking the right shade of white, check out this list of favorite white paint colors chosen by top interior designers.

3. Opt For Open Shelving Open shelves can add depth to a small room, and feel less heavy than dark cabinets. If you’re going to try this look, make sure to edit glassware, decorative accessories, or anything else that will be on display. Baskets can be a great way of adding storage without visual clutter.

4. Add a Mirror Mirrors can visually expand a room and also reflect light, making any space feel bigger and brighter.